Instruction & Training

Whether you’re new or a long time paddler, there are tips and techniques that help you improve individually and as a team.  Here are some helpful links:

  • Paddlers Anon – The most important skill to master in dragon boating is, of course, the stroke .   The paddling technique is simple enough that a beginner can begin an approximation of the technique in his or her first few practices, but to move the boat with the power required in competitive racing requires a constant effort to refine the various elements of the stroke.
  • Dragonboat Blog | The Dragonboating Resource – A repository of useful articles for dragonboat paddlers. The articles are aimed to help you with all aspects of starting, training and competing in dragonboating. Fresh content is added regularly including product reviews, interviews with experts in the Sport, how-to instructional articles, news and information from the Dragonboating world.
  • TRAINING and PREPARATION from the Stratford Dragonboat Club – The object of the Stratford Dragon Boat Club is to promote the sport of dragon boat racing through its participation in the sport, related activities and provide the opportunity for its members to improve their ability in the sport.
  • Dragonboat: How to paddle? – Video that demonstrates the parts of a strong stroke.  And for Frenchy: Bateau-dragon: Comment pagayer?


  • Merlin Gear – Merlin Dragon boat paddles are designed and tooled in Sydney by our parent company Talon Technology. Talon have over 20 years experience in advanced composites especially carbon fibre.
  • Burnwater – A site for the dragon boat racer: shop online for carbon fiber paddles, paddling shorts, travel cases and paddling apparel.
  • Kialoa – Stand up paddles, outrigger paddles, dragon boat paddles made by KIALOA. Established in 1991 beautiful, innovative, hand-made paddles made in the USA.
  • Paddler’s Cove – Paddles, PFDs, and accessories


Neighboring teams

These are some of the teams we may see in competition